Quinten Henry - Game Programmer

I am a freelance game programmer who graduated in my bachelor game development at Howest DAE. I have a lot of experience with both Unity and Unreal Engine and immersed myself in the full production process of AAA games. Graphics programming and gameplay programming are my speciality.

The Void (Unreal Engine 4, C++, VR)

Stylized Grass Shader In Unity (Unity, Shaders)

Sprookjes Mobiel (Unreal Engine 4, C++)

Dropkick (Unity, C#)

PartyGame with signalR connection (Unity, C#, SignalR, ASP.net)

Q-Engine (DirectX 11, C++)

Rendering Techniques in Vulkan: A comparison study (Vulkan, C++)

Multiplayer Looter Shooter (Unreal Engine 4,C++,Blueprints)

Survive the night (Unreal Engine 4, Blueprints)

AI Survival behaviour (C++)

Unity Networking API(C#, Unity)